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Who We Are?

Are you looking for some reliable suppliers for certain products? We are made of experienced buyers, with long term good relations to many factories in different fields in China. We can bridge you and suitable factories with good conditions, no any intermediary, you can purchase directly from the factories at real EXW prices and enjoy your relations permanently. We do not charge any until we find the right ones you are satisfied. If any interesting, please contact us.

Why Us?

Only talk to us, instead of repeating the same contents with different suppliers

~ Our good relations with factories favor negotiation on prices and quality

~ Many excellent factories are not on international platforms

~ Expensive platform cost may be transferred to you

~ Many on international platforms may not be real factories,just resell

We are more familiar with the market and know who are reliable manufacturers



Our Workflows

  • You provide requests for a product

  • Preliminary filter of factories

  • Factories selection including price negotiation/ specifications match/ qualification confirm etc (need communicate with you repeatedly)

  • Identify potential right factories

  • Check samples

  • Pay one-time fee while you are satisfied with the samples

  • Build communication channels between you and factory

  • Help contact shipping agents if necessarily

Value-Added Services

You can choose us to provide you with subsequent export-related services.

(additional fees)



Customer 1 needed to find a mini card reader, and we contacted the manufacturer to find a quality product at a lower price than its original supply channel

Customer 2 needed wild chanterelles, but since the demand time was not the time for chanterelles to be marketed in large quantities, we helped customers solve the problem by contacting major suppliers to find the current inventory of chanterelles

Customer 3 In order to reduce the cost of electricity, customers needed energy storage equipment suppliers, we provide them with a set of photovoltaic panel + battery energy storage solutions through the specific understanding of customer needs, and trade at low prices



Telegram: Beat Rabbit

VK ID: 815356878

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

Thanks for contacting us!

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